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Zsolnay Porcelain

Founded in 1852, the Zsolnay porcelain factory's architectural ceramics, ornaments, and porcelain sets have won countless prizes at international exhibitions. Their success is the result of the perseverance of founder Vilmos Zsolnay, who experimented with different types of clay and glazes before founding small factory that became the country's first art ceramics company. 

The exceptional premium quality and outstanding value of Zsolnay is demonstrated by the fact that the innovative and ground-breaking fruits of the factory's first hundred years are kept as treasures in major museums around the world. They have found a place in the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the British Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum in London and have been auctioned by major international houses including Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

One of the special features of Zsolnay porcelain, made using centuries-old technology, is that the hand-painted patterns are not created using porcelain paint but are applied to the base using a more timeless painted porcelain glaze, making the pattern a prominent feature. Another special feature is the use of eosin glaze, inspired by the goddess of dawn and developed in-house by the Zsolnay factory.

The Sidonies shop, located in Budapest, has a large stock of antique, old, and new pieces from the Zsolnay factory. The pieces stocked are exclusively hand-painted and includes a very colourful selection of limited edition, studio, and one-off pieces.

The choice is made easier by the fact that we have been selling Zsolnay products for nearly a decade, which has given us a wealth of experience in selecting porcelain to suit our customers' tastes.

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