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Ercuis Silver- and Holloware

ERCUIS, whose factory has been located since its creation in 1867 in the village of Ercuis (Oise), designs and manufactures collections of cutlery and silverware in solid silver and silver-plated metal, and custom-made pieces.

Silverware has always had an elitist side to it. This is of course primarily due to the value and scarcity of the raw materials used.

The manufacture of holloware bearing the Ercuis hallmark requires numerous manual steps carried out by expert silversmiths throughout specific production phases. This unique and valuable savoir-faire passed down through the generations since the 19th century makes Ercuis one of France's greatest silversmiths.

Destined exclusively for the tables of a privileged few for many centuries and subject to the evolution of gourmet practices and the vagaries of fashion, silverware has slowly become inseparable from a certain French-style Art de Vivre. Ercuis plays an active role in perpetuating this tradition while retaining close ties with the innovative and intersecting worlds of decorative arts and gastronomy.

Ercuis became a member of the "Comité Colbert" in 1978, thereby confirming its position of prominence in the French luxury sector. Comité Colbert's members are 75 French luxury firms and 13 cultural institutions, which work together to promote French "Art de Vivre" internationally.

Sidonies made a choice of 10 patterns from the Ercuis 2022 collection. Dinner, dessert flatware, fish fork, fish knife, American coffee or tea spoon…. the range varies widely both pattern and size, similar to the customer demand. A great deal of experience is needed to select the most suitable product for the customer from this colorful range. Sidonies acts as a filter, tailoring the options to the customer's individual needs so that all they have to say is that that's what I was looking for.

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