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Varga Crystal

Varga Crystal is a manufacturer of art lead crystal, and has been run for three generations by the owning family. The great grandfather cut crystal at the Haas and Czirjek workshop after the First World War, and the knowledge of crystal cutting was passed down from father to son in the family. Within a decade, the Hungarian brand had achieved international fame. Luxury chains in the United States began selling their products, and Varga Crystal found its way to the tables of the Kennedy, Trump, and Clinton families.

The manufacturer, which has developed more than 30 samples, takes care of the entire production process, from glass blowing to cutting and graving. 

Having more than 30 samples, there is enough variety to satisfy everyone’s needs. In addition, these items can be produced in six colours as well as in transparent form, which is fantastic. Once you know that the 30 samples can be applied to more than 40 different sizes with the seven colours, and add matching bottles, ice buckets and vases... Well, then both the mathematician and the layperson unfamiliar with probability will say in astonishment: HOW MANY?

It is precisely this unique number of colour and shape combinations that make Varga Crystal the world's foremost lead crystal workshop, known not only for their meticulous cutting of lacy finesse, but also in the shaping of its designs. 

Sidonies will help you navigate this magical world of giant lead crystals so that everyone can find the item that suits them best. In our Budapest showroom, you will find all the patterns, shapes, sizes, and colours available from the Varga Workshop, and we will work with you to create the right combinations to perfectly suit your tastes, festive habits, and interior style.

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