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Moser Crystal

Moser Crystal, a manufacturer of decorative glassware (vases, ashtrays, candle holders, glass gifts) and various art prints, is based in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. 

From its beginnings in 1857 as a polishing and engraving workshop, Moser has evolved into a manufacturer of lead-free glass, using only lead-free crystals since 1863. The purity, brightness, and hardness of the crystals make them special, and their production is the pinnacle of the work of elite craftsmen. 

In 1869, the director of the Vienna Museum of Art and Industry issued a certificate of perfection for Moser glass, followed by a medal at the 1873 Vienna World Exhibition, endorsing the slogan: "Moser Crystal – The king of glasses is the glass of the kings." The Czech company became the official glass supplier to the court of Franz Joseph I of Vienna. The Shah, King, Sultan, and Pope also bought decorative glass from them.

Moser sets the trends in crystal decoration with their new collections every year. Moser provides invited artists the space to create futuristic, unique objects, while reproducing pieces that are up to 160 years old.

Moser Crystals, therefore, travel in time. What makes them special is that the past, present, and future are simultaneously reflected in their products, resulting in a highly diverse range of styles, shapes, and motifs. 
Sidonies is a partner in this wonderful journey, stocking the latest pieces, while offering the customer the opportunity to order crystal wonders from a century and a half ago.

I can effectively help you make your choice because I am a regular visitor to the Moser workshop. I know all the steps from production to shelf: I feel every movement of the creators, I see the miracle being made, and I know at that moment to whom I would recommend the resulting work. So, when someone walks into Sidonies, after one conversation, I can tell which product they will leave the shop happy with.

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