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We make the milestones of work memorable


For many of us, work is an expression of ourselves, creating something lasting. Whether it is a long-awaited contract signing, the launch of a new factory, the expansion of production capacity, the introduction of a new technology... One thing's for sure: We want to make it memorable. Both for those who work with us on the project and for those who will benefit from it.

It is a fitting method to mark an important occasion. Whether it is a drink served in a crystal glass, a cup of tea or coffee steaming in a fine cup, or a memorable gift, we can provide the perfect crystal and porcelain to match.

With our special Sidonies products, we help you make the moment an everlasting memory. Just as an ironed suit, a premium watch, or a pen is the basis of a business meeting, the tableware (glass, cup, plate, etc.) on the meeting table at a meeting or corporate event sets the mood and conveys the organiser's excellent value judgement. 

We help to make a moment an eternal memory

A single crystal glass or a beautiful porcelain can make any everyday business meeting special

Contact us if you are in need

to provide a special atmosphere appropriate to the size of the event

of a memorable quality gift that reflects the company’s quality service

custom decorations to make the event memorable

Contact us in person or online and let us choose together the china and crystal ware that will make your company shine in everyday life

and on festive occasions!

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