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Szidónia Szilágyi

Art of table consultant

"I'll make your ideas come true"

For generations, affection for beauty has been a great tradition in my family. My paternal grandmother was a dressmaker, and my knowledge about lace, fine goods, and craftsmanship, comes from her. This is still a dominant feature in my family. Our table has always been laid with a white, damask, festive tablecloth, hardened by starch, making every special occasion even more memorable. I can proudly say that the love for handicraft and crystal masterpieces were encoded in my genes by the family.

These festive occasions come first to my mind when I recall family gatherings, the gently dancing candle flames, the clinking of the crystal glasses, the patterns drawn on the porcelain bowls and dishes, the happy smiles on everyone’s face, and the relaxed gestures of the people.

The happiness emancipating from the starched, white, damask tablecloth, the festive tableware, and the elegant crockery still overwhelms me, and I am sure that my loved ones recall these memories fondly too. 

I wish to share the secrets of this emotional atmosphere with my clients, to show them how a special occasion can be converted into a memorable festive one. I would like to assist them in the selection of high-quality porcelain, crystal, and silver ornaments, and household objects that best suit their taste and personality. With this collaboration, the outstanding applied arts manufactured products from the region will not merely be elegant pieces, but also the guardians of precious memories.

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