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About Us

Dear visitor, 

Welcome to my homepage! 

Allow me to introduce myself. The company was founded in 2012. In addition to providing tourist services, we soon started selling Hungarian household items that boast of high-quality craftsmanship. We began with selling cut-glass specialties from the Varga Art Crystal Manufactory, dating back three generations, and since 2015, we have also been selling luxury products by Zsolnay Porcelain Works and crystal chandeliers from GlassLPS. Recently, we have added products from key regional actors in the ornament market to the selection available.

What made us stand out from our competitors, even at the beginning, was that over and above the sale of the crafts, offering personal consultancy related to premium products was extremely important for us. This is more than just the assistance offered to customers who just happen to drop in. It is based on a form of needs assessment which is combined with a conversation, and this leads to facilitating quick decisions as it is evident that the best decisions would be taken. We also understand that time is money, we therefore try to ensure that the time spent with us is useful and productive.

Our regular clientele from across the world, demonstrates that this model that is based on decades of experience and the excellent relationship maintained with manufacturers, is effective. Our customers include, Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, Mr. Mohammed Al Habtoor (tourism potentate from Dubai), as well as numerous diplomatic dignitaries and film stars.

Thanks to our premium products and our excellent professional relationships, we supply to numerous luxury hotels, restaurants and events in Budapest. Our products are also used in the Four Seasons Gresham, Corinthia Hotel, and New York Café. We also provide glasses for numerous exclusive events at Terra Catering and are regular contributors at the French Gastronomy Festival, organised by the French Ambassador.

In addition to traditions, innovation also plays an important role in our business. We are extremely proud that we can support the young artists of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design through the internship opportunities made available for them, by providing exhibition and event spaces for their work, and by offering them advice regarding their education.



The Moment

You would not like to ask family members, friends, or acquaintances to take part in the uplifting but not always easy task of choosing a gift

You would like to purchase the gift online, but you feel that you need expert advice for flexible and efficient delivery

You want to navigate through the plethora of offers and are looking for someone to help you make the right decision

You want a reliable, quality service team on your side for the gifting event

You would like to cut costs by getting a personalised offer

You need creative or unique implementation but do not know where to get started

Our Services

I have been working with crystal and porcelain products for almost a decade. During this time, I have developed a deep understanding of manufacturers and production processes and gained extensive experience in assessing and meeting customer needs. This enables me to effectively help you make the right choice when 

You have little free time

Bagdy Emőke

It’s not a gift that I want something and then I buy it for the other one while I sigh, “But it would be nice for me like that too!”. Don't live up to your own needs when giving a gift! The secret to buying the right gift is to find out, I’m scouting what the other person would be happy about.


Contact me

Email:  /  Tel: +36 20 509 4445  

Thank you for your interest!

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